Felicity: n.f: Intense happiness, inner contentment, joy, bliss.
This is what skier Pierre Hourticq, accompanied by his friends Jérémie Heitz and Victor De Le Rue, is looking for on the extreme slopes of the Mont-Blanc massif. But this quest is not won in advance. In a first person discourse, the mountain puts into words the complex relationship that unites it with humans. Fighting against its own vices, listening and respecting: the state of grace is under conditions, she warns. As a divinity, the mountain reveals here its attractive ambivalence. That of a goddess, whom only human faults have to fear, and the best of men to cherish. Beneath the sharp needles of Chamonix, between rock, snow and ice, Félicité delivers a concentrate of the emotional and personal richness offered by the mountain to extreme skiers.

Production : Ivresse Films
Réalisation : Antoine FRIOUX
Riders : Pierre HOURTICQ / Victor DE LE RUE / Jérémie HEITZ
Ecriture : Benjamin HOURTICQ
Cinematographie : Antoine FRIOUX / Yannick BOISSENOT / Fred ROUSSEAU / Maxime AUBRY / Arthus KAUFFEISEN
Lieu : Chamonix
Supporté par : SCOTT SPORTS
Durée : 12 minutes 40

Shot on red digital cinema : RED EPIC MX and DJI mavic Pro 2

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