Tropical – Forclaz

Soon, new horizons will beckon.
Once again, we’ll head off the beaten track…
Where rivers replace roads and waterfalls are sublime.
Magical places, where nature rules and the wildlife is rich.
We’ll grasp the immensity of the forests.
We’ll immerse ourselves in their lush undergrowth,
bursting with diversity and vibrant colors.

We’ll contemplate the towering trees, alone in their splendor, home to thousands of bird species.
When the time comes, the experience will be like no other.
Because our equipment is exclusively designed and tested for this hostile environment.
Where humidity is off the scale, mosquitos are unbearable and physical effort becomes intense.
Soon, with peace of mind, we’ll set out on our journey.

We’ll feel satisfied and content as we rediscover that sense of infinite freedom.
Soon, this will all come true.

Directed by Antoine FRIOUX
Written by Fanny PETITJEAN
1st AC : Vincent RICCI
Drone pilot : Fred ROUSSEAU
Assistant : Max AUBRY
Mix & Sound Design : Mix & Mouse
Color Grading : Vincent RICCI

Shot on RED DIGITAL CINEMA : RED HELIUM 8K / Angenieux Optimo DP

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